Who We Are

Barb and Ed are two of the most positive individuals you may ever meet. We are dedicated to helping ALL students, families, educators, nonprofit organizations, and schools to optimize opportunists for their students to learn.  We gravitate toward smaller, non-mainstream schools:  public schools of choice, private, contract, CDHS. Ultimately, we aim to improve student access to quality education, particularly for those who face significant challenges, and who are in underrepresented regions and populations, where resources are limited.

Ed Porritt, MA Education

Licensed K-12 Principal 

Licensed K-12 Teacher:

Gifted Ed, Special Ed, General Ed

Ed  dedicates his career to creating or improving systems that support the academic, social, and emotional needs of students facing complex challenges. He is a conceptual-thinking program developer, who is equally adept working directly with students. His intuitive understanding of adolescents help him spot yet- unidentified 2e students. He listens and communicates well with youths during stressful times. He created several programs and even developed his own school to serve these needs.

Ed is a passionate coach and leader who

  • Helps high-potential, under-performing students thrive

  • Trains students and families in executive functioning skills

  • Challenges highly sensitive, excitable, GT and 2e students

  • Develops student-centered, strength-based programs

  • Adds value to appropriate, sustainable student support services

  • Advises on School Improvement Plans and accreditation prep

Barb Taylor, MA Special Education

Licensed K-12 Special Education Director Licensed Special Education Teacher (ages 5-21)


Barb is highly experienced in Special Education school management. She is extraordinarily detail-oriented and has a vast network of resources and professional peers throughout the state. She works tirelessly to improve oversight for systems that are already in place. Also, if called upon, she can build Special Ed systems from the ground up or advise others with the process. Barb has a wealth of knowledge of Colorado's Special Ed Law, and she has a keen perspective of knowing “what is needed.” 

Barb is a dedicated, meticulous educator who: 

  • Has a broad understanding of education funding structures

  • Routinely monitors Special Education teams

  • Audits Special Education services

  • Trains facility staff

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