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We are both successful professionals who embrace choices, growth, and change as our core values. We strive to know what comes next and how we can assist. We believe there is always room for improvement and are passionate big-picture thinkers. We challenge ourselves and others to make the world a better place by continuing to develop systemic educational systems.  We are interested in supporting you, your agency/company/school by understanding:

  • Who you are

  • What you do and why (purpose) what is your purpose

  • Identified strengths

  • Areas of growth

Quixie Smith, M.Ed. Organizational Leadership


Licensed K-12 Administration

Licensed K-12 Principal 

Licensed K-12 Teacher

B_TAYLOR3 (2).jpg
Barb Taylor, MA Special Education

Licensed K-12 Special Education Director Licensed Special Education Teacher (ages 5-21)


Over the past 30 years, Quixie has dedicated herself to the world of education, serving as a teacher in general education and special education classrooms, speech/language pathologist, principal, and a district administrator. She is an educational consultant, researcher and mentor who believes in making systematic changes at the district and state levels.

Quixie is an active supporter of educational leadership, social-emotional learning, mental health wellness, educational advocacy, and school audits. She has dedicated her career to improving student academic and social/emotional learning outcomes. Quixie is currently working on her doctorate degree, with an anticipated completion date of May 2023.

Over the past 35 years, Barb has dedicated herself to the world of special education. She has served as special ed teacher, education coordinator and special education director in public schools, state schools  and approved facility school settings. She works tirelessly to improve educational systems for those with disabilities.

Barb is highly experienced in Special Education school management. She is extraordinarily detail-oriented and has a vast network of resources and professional peers throughout the state. She works tirelessly to improve oversight for systems that are already in place. Also, if called upon, she can build Special Ed systems from the ground up or advise others with the process. Barb has a wealth of knowledge of Colorado's Special Ed Law, and she has a keen perspective of knowing “what is needed.” 

Quixie is a passionate leader and advocate who:

  • Helps educational professionals assist students thrive academically

  • Provides professional development related to developing goals, strengths and areas of growth

  • Challenges others to choose different pathways

  • Develops and implements strength-based programs for agencies and schools

  • Advises on current practices to make them more effective and evidence based

Barb is a dedicated, meticulous educator who: 

  • Has a broad understanding of Colorado education funding structures

  • Routinely monitors Special Education teams and practices

  • Audits Special Education and 504 services

  • Collaborates with staff to find effective ways to implement SEL programming into the school schedule

  • Challenges agencies to look at education differently for their students

  • Conducts professional development and trainings for staff

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