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Barb and Quixie dedicate their time and energy to helping small non-profit/for-profit organizations recognize their potential to make positive change. We assist small educational entities in areas of leadership and identifying barriers that prevent equitable educational gains. We collaborate and aim to improve student access to quality education, especially for those with disabilities. 

Green House
External Audits
  • Systems

    • Education / Schools

    • Special Education​

    • 504s

    • ALPs

  • Organizational Structures

  • Assistance writing Policies and Procedures

  • Site-specific Professional Development

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Leadership and Teambuilding
  • Fostering Leadership Growth and Development 

  • Creating Effective Teams for Optimal Success

  • Effective Supervision Systems

  • Identifying Different Communication and Learning Styles

  • Improving Climate and Culture 

  • Developing/Revising Internal Evaluation Processes

Classroom Management and Special Education
  • Differentiation

  • Executive Functioning

  • Special Education Oversight

  • Unwrapping the IEP and its Processes

  • Restorative Practices Through a Trauma Informed Lens

  • Implementing Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.”
~Allan Bloom

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