Annie Fox

Art Appraising, Art Advising & Liquidation • Founder of Appraisley

August 31, 2017, Annie was a client of Ed’s

We are confident that given Ed’s experience working with young people and running educational organizations, he can solve just about any problems. Our son was struggling within the standard public high school system, and Ed helped him “pivot” and overcome his challenges. It wasn’t until he came to Ed and his team at Catalyst that our son began to succeed again. Ed’s guidance, acceptance, and his warm, talented staff of educators brought about such profound changes in our son’s life that we will be forever grateful. He is now thriving at the University of Toronto, taking advantage of overseas research opportunities, and heading toward a promising career path. 

Michael Wilson

Athletic Director, Assistant Principal at Jefferson Academy Secondary School

April 30, 2017, Michael worked with Ed on different projects

Ed Porritt has been a very successful educator and is an experienced school consultant. His talents range from providing guidance and skills for college and career readiness to intervention and differentiation for many types of at-risk students. He has vision to support start-ups and vast experience working with many kinds of secondary-level education programs. His leadership working with people and breaking new ground with learning design is exemplary. The resources and contacts at his disposal to support educational needs are valuable, both for those who are exploring an educational idea or for those who are fine-tuning an established school.

Paula Nelson

Board Chair at Parent Engagement Network

April 27, 2017, Paula worked with Ed within affiliated groups

Ed is a great leader and visionary who brings heart and passion to whatever he pursues. He was extremely dedicated in his role as Principal and Executive Director of Catalyst High School. His commitment to providing the highest quality education that best suits students' needs and strengths is unmatched and well worth modeling.

Jim Pollicita

Development Director and Education Consultant

March 7, 2017, Jim reported directly to Ed

Ed is an educational visionary with the character and fortitude to dedicate decades of his life to improving the futures of kids who find the traditional P-12 education system lacking. He actively and skillfully identifies and values each child's uniqueness and nurtures their potential. For many students who have worked with him, Ed surprises them with the realization that their uniqueness is a gift, not a detriment. His own talent, determination, and resilience are outstanding in his application of sound educational principles to improve the lives of his students.