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We Collaborate with partners to Execute solid plans and help Design systems to enhance desired outcomes while simultaneously Contriving pathways that attain future success and growth.

About Us

Barb and Quixie are Colorado natives who love nature, the Rocky Mountains and to ask, "What is Next?" and "Then What?". They are caring and dedicated professionals who pursue learning opportunities, challenge themselves and like to consider every facet of the "What If?" Their combined experience in all educational sectors fuels their passion to implement change as they embrace growth and encourage innovative pathways toward success. They excel at creating a space for collaboration and networking.

Services We Offer

We are passionate and dedicated individuals who lead through shared visions and values. By implementing various methods and evidence-based practices, we facilitate conversations to effectively develop blueprints and next steps. We partner with agencies/schools to improve educational systems creating an environment where all students can thrive.

And More...

Additional services are available from Catalyst Education Design Consultants. These may include:

  • Contracting

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

  • Advocacy

  • Research

  • Editing

  • Copywriting

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“I have come to rely on guidance and advice from Catalyst, while at the same time they have been helping me to be more confident in my own decision making.” ~former Education Coordinator
Catalyst Education is a fundamental player for a great team. Their expertise brings depth to an organization, resulting in systems improvement, positive cultural impact, increased quality services, and ultimately, higher profitability. I cannot recommend them highly enough! ~Amy K Gearhard, Founder and CEO of Spectra Centers, Inc.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Catalyst EDC these last years.  I appreciate their outlook and their knowledge base. I would gladly welcome them as a member of my team, any day. ~Special Education Director
“Their excellence in leadership has benefited my performance as an instructor.” ~current Educational Advocate and Instructional Leader

“It is not the destination, it’s the journey."



2700 Youngfield Street Suite 212 

Lakewood, CO 80215

Cell #: 303-717-2370

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