What we do for Schools

We consult with prospective and new schools to successfully launch solid education programming for at-risk and unique populations of students. We also help small or struggling educational programs improve their support systems.

Professional Development and Training
  • Take the Offensive: Channeling Stress into Positive Energy

  • Why and How to Hand the Keys to Learning to the Underperforming Student

  • Seeing through the Camouflage: Identifying Gifted Students with Disabilities

  • Learning Made Relevant with ICAP and PWAR

  • Unwrapping the IEP Process

  • Fostering a Curious Mindset Strategies for Effective Classroom Management

Development of Systems, Leadership, Curriculum
  • Mission, Vision, Goals Setting

  • Cyclical School Improvement Planning and Evaluation

  • Board Development

  • Team building 

  • Student Centered, Competency-based Learning

  • Empowerment through Strength-based learning and Character Building

  • Assessment or development of student-centered learning communities

Quality Assurance and Administrative Services
  • Preparation for Audits 

  • Preparation for Accreditation Review

  • Special Education Oversight

  • ADA and IDEA Compliance

  • Principal or Administrative Contracting

You and Catalyst are such valuable resources for struggling young people in our region. Your mission has been strong and true, and I have experienced the power of that through witnessing folks who have come through your doors. Continue to nourish the rich soil of the emerging generation. Thank you for your great work with youth, and your dedication to effective service.