What we do for Students

We understand the complexities of and the stress experienced by students who are underachieving, falling through the cracks, or not functioning in school.  Further, we understand the secondary stress experienced by families and educators who are working their hardest, perhaps in vain, to improve the student's circumstance. We can help.

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We are Passionate About Helping ALL Students Thrive 
  • The verbally precocious student who never turns in homework

  • The creative, highly sensitive, excitable, or "visual spatial" student

  • The Gifted or Twice-exceptional (2e) student,whose needs are not met

  • The student troubled with multiple transitions or other stressors

  • The student recovering from trauma or bullying

  • The student with anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns

  • The student struggling with cognitive or learning challenges

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We know that Supporting Students' Social and Emotional Well Being Might Involve Using the Back Door
  • Demystifying, supporting, navigating around poor handwriting (dysgraphia)

  • Understanding the benefits and how to work with dyslexia

  • Improving self-esteem by making "organizational disaster" a thing of the past

  • Developing students’ hope, confidence, resilience and motivation

  • Discovering gifts hiding beneath poor behavior or serious bordom

  • Advocating for and accessing resources to support emotional challenges

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We are Committed to Helping Parents and Educators
  • Find specialists, schools, programs,  and mentors

  • Develop curriculum and support systems 

  • Create structures that foster hope and confidence in fragile students

  • Design environments that are welcoming and inclusive, that feel safe

  • Teach how to build resiliency that promotes confidence and motivation

  • Support parents and educators via Meet Up or other support groups

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.” 
           ~Allan Bloom